Senior citizen firefighting dream fulfilled

Senior citizen firefighting dream fulfilled. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

The Moultrie Fire Department has a new firefighter living out his dream.

Robert Clayton is a resident at PruittHealth at Sunsrise nursing home and he always wanted to be a fireman.

My brother-in-law wanted to be a fireman too, so I wanted to be a fireman," said Clayton.

Clayton's daughter says his dream stems back to when Clayton and his wife's house caught on fire and they lost everything except their lives.

On Tuesday, he was able to fulfill that dream with the help of Second Wind Dreams.

Sandy Rathel, the administrator at PruittHealth at Sunrise says, "Second Wind Dreams is a tool that we can use to try to fulfill some of these hopes and dreams of our residents and that's what we're doing today with Mr. Clayton."

Some of the faculty of the nursing home loved watching him become a fireman.

Rathel even got emotional, "In fact, I teared up because it's just so moving and so touching to know that these fine men of Moultrie sacrificed their time and give of themselves to help Mr. Clayton fulfill his dream."

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