Warding off dry skin during fall and winter

This time of year estheticians, Julie McGraw and Kathy Wilson, see tons of clients with the same problem.

The problem is irritating, dry dull skin.

The fall and winter seasons allow dry skin to thrive, "It’s the cooler weather and less humidity combined. It's sucking the moisture out of our skin, says Wilson.

Also going between outside and your home can impact your skin's moisture. The temperature change causes the moisture loss.

“Be sure to cover up so that when you go outside the temperature is not as different as it would be if you weren’t covered up well," suggests Wilson.

According to both Wilson and McGraw, there are tons of things you can do to combat this problem.

McGraw said, “Some of those things that you can do are to not take a really hot bath, hot shower or a really long one.”

Soap is not your friend during this time of year.

“It’s better not to use soap based products during the winter, if your going to use anything use a shower gel with moisturizers in it," recommends McGraw.

Both estheticians agree hydration and moisturizing are the key ingredients to warding off dry skin.

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