School system will cancel school after football state championship rescheduled

    School system cancels school for state championship. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter<p>{/p}

    Four southwest Georgia teams are heading to the football state championships in Atlanta next week.

    The Colquitt County Packers are one of those teams, so school system officials decided to close the system next Wednesday and Thursday, December 12 and 13.

    The decision comes after the state championship was rescheduled from this Saturday to next Wednesday, December 12.

    In a statement released by the Colquitt County School System on Facebook, school system officials say, "There are many logistical, transportation, and personnel issues involved with playing the championship game on Wednesday, December 12th."

    Those logistics include transporting the team and all involved on 12 buses to Atlanta during the day Wednesday.

    Taking 12 buses and their drivers to Atlanta on a school day will make it difficult for bus drivers to drive their scheduled routes Thursday morning.

    Lastly, the system cites personnel issues for their decision to close schools.

    "There are not enough teacher substitutes to cover regular expected absences and for those teachers/employees who would choose to go the game," system officials said in a statement.

    Some Packers fans are ecstatic about the decision.

    One Facebook user says "Doug Howell [the system's superintendent], I agree great decision and I don't live in Colquitt County. Go packers.....Bring the championship win to south GA!!!!"

    Others, however, aren't as excited about the closings.

    Edward French says, "whoa whoa that was not a good decision some packers fans can't afford to take 2 days off from work to go to the game in Atlanta to support there team like they do on a Friday night they should have let each team that won there region play for the championship game at they home field to pull n root for there team."

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