School board members taking a trip to Atlanta

Photo Credit: Sean Streicher

The Dougherty County School Board held a special called personnel meeting Tuesday morning.

Discussion on the successor to Superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree remained brief, but no interim Superintendent was named.

Also on the agenda was that the state school board audit committee has invited the Dougherty County School Board and members-elect Lane Price and Robert Youngblood to a meeting in Atlanta.

The topic of the meeting is to look at the issues plaguing the Dougherty County School System . The School System's attorney, Tommy Coleman said the mishandling of the Title One Funds will most likely be discussed.

"We've got two requesting funds back, one for $134,000 and one for $167,000, and they have asked for those moneys back or to substantiate why the money was spent on those things," said Coleman.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 3rd. We'll bring you more on what was discussed in the meeting next week.

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