Scholarship holds different value for one student

Scholarship holds different value for one student. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Just like most college students, Georgia Southwestern Student, Joshua Greene feels great about getting a scholarship.

But unlike most scholarships, this one holds special value to Greene.

Detective Joshua Green was awarded a scholarship in memory of Nick Smarr and Jody Smith. The officers that were killed in Americus, almost two years ago.

Greene says, "Even though it's just a scholarship... just to have something that represents Nick and Jody."

He's currently a detective with the Americus Police Department and worked with Smarr on a few occasions.

Greene remembers, "I remember the way he chewed gum. I remember the last foot chase we got into we didn't catch the guy and walking back he was breathing hard and chewing gum so I told him maybe if you stop chewing bubble gum maybe we could catch him and we joked about that."

So to have something that represents them means a lot to Greene.

"In the future when I get to hang my degree on the wall, I'll always remember that something attached to Nick and Jody was kind of sentimental for me," says Greene.

Right now, Greene is working to complete his degree in criminal justice. While working full-time and a being a full-time student, he hopes the hard work will pay off.

"Hopefully one day I'll become a sergeant and I'm thinking about getting my masters. I haven't decided yet."

But for now, he's thankful to have this attachment to those who have paid the ultimate price.

He says, "We look at the negative that day when we lost Nick and Jody but just to have something that really remembers them kind of attaches me to Nick and Jody."

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