Saftey top priority for annual Fair

The 71st Annual Southwest Georgia Regional Fair starts tomorrow and safety is a top concern.

On Tuesday, the fair will open its’ doors and welcome hundreds of guests.

The safety of attendees is a top priority – so much that there are four sets of security departments present at the fair.

DSI Security will be monitoring the front gates.

The Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office will be there too. They will monitor what’s going on inside the park.

General security will look after the parking lots and the outskirts of the fair and carnival security will keep an eye on what goes on inside the fair.

Ralph Paustain, with the Exchange Fair Club , says, “We want everybody out here to have a safe and fun time.”

The Exchange Fair Club wants people to be assured the rides are safe as well. The rides are set up and inspected a week before the front gates open and checked multiple times.

Paustain also says,“They do their own inspection then they have the state come in and inspect them and then our personnel-our safety department comes in and checks them and then i follow up behind them.”

Sergeant Jason Carter with the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office, has a message for anybody that is thinking about bringing any problems to the fair.

Carter says, “this is not the place for it, we want to have a good time, we want the citizens of Dougherty County and surrounding areas that are attending the fair to have a good time.”

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