Sabal Trail road construction begins in Dougherty County

Sabal Trail has started clearing and grading operations in the southern portions of Dougherty County.

These operations will be followed by pipeline installation and site cleanup. All operations will be done with an “assembly line” approach starting in south Dougherty County and moving northerly through the county.

The pipeline will cross sixteen different county roads:

1800 block of Hancock Road, 1700 block of Nelms Road, 4700 block of Dorough Avenue, 4600 block of Palm Avenue, 1800 block of Antioch Road, 3500 block of Williamsburg Road, 3600 block of Radium Spring Road, 3600 block of Victory Avenue, 3600 block of Namdi Street, 1100 block of Kreg Avenue, 3500 block of Blue Springs Road, 1900 block of Lily Pond, 800 block of Old Pretoria Road, 600 block of Eight Mile Road, 5300 block of Old Dawson Road and the 600 block of Wadsworth Avenue.

Public Works officials say that it is anticipated that the project, including restoration of disturbed areas, will take approximately ten months to a year to complete. During this time, various stages of construction will be present at these locations and the surrounding areas.

Full road closures are not expected; however, periodically lane closures may occur.

Motorists may experience increased traffic and periodic delays. All residents and motorists in these areas need to be alert to changing traffic conditions and use alternative routes when possible.

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