Public safety encourages community to be safe during total solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse.jpg

The total solar eclipse will be on August 21, and many people will be watching, but they need to make sure they're protecting their eyes.

Emergency Management Agency said people shouldn't be looking directly into the sun. They say it’s far too dangerous for the human eyes, and it can potentially burn holes into the retina.

Instead of looking at the sun, people should look away, and stare at the reflection on the ground. People can also poke a hole into a white piece of paper, turn their back to the sun, hold it up, and look at the reflection.

“It’ll still show you the eclipse,” Emergency Management Specialist Jenna Wirtz said. “You’ll see the silhouette of the sun. You’ll see the moon crossing in front of it, but then you’re in no danger of the brilliance of the sun putting holes in to your eyes.”

Wirtz said regular sunglasses or goggles won’t protect your eyes. If you choose to look at the sun, you need eye equipment that is specifically made for looking at eclipses.

For more information on safety precautions and purchasing glasses visit

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