Power starting to come back around Southwest Georgia

Thanks to the efforts of linemen across Southwest Georgia, electricity is starting to flow back in Georgia. / Photo: MGN Online

Thanks to the efforts of linemen across Southwest Georgia, electricity is starting to flow back in Georgia.

An estimated one million people were without power due to Hurricane Irma making landfall into Georgia on Monday.

Georgia Power customers were some of the worst hit with over 680,000 without power across the state as of Tuesday afternoon according to company officials.

However, the company says they have over 6,000 people involved in working on getting it restored.

Around Southwest Georgia, Albany Utilities say they have under 300 customers without power.

Colquitt EMC says they have about 21,000 without power. In an additional post to Facebook, the company says that the outage could last several days.

Diverse Power had just over 1100 members without power as of Tuesday morning, but as of Tuesday afternoon, their outage map had that number down to 629.

Grady EMC posted that they had 3,681 meters without power and over 20 broken poles, but hope to have 95% of affected customers' power returned by the end of the day.

According to Irwin EMC's Outage map, they currently have about 5900 affected members as of Tuesday afternoon.

Lowndes County EMA officials say that as of 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, there are just under 14,000 customers without power community wide.

Middle Georgia EMC has about 4434 meters without power according to a morning Facebook post.

Mitchell EMC say that they are down to about 2,450 customers without power.

Okefenoke REMC reports that they have less than 24,000 meters without power as of 8 a.m.

Satilla REMC reported 794 outages with 23,000 members without power.

Sumter EMC says that they had about 15,000 accounts suffering from power loss, but have restored access to all but about 5200 in less than 24 hours.

Sylvester city officials say that their electric department is continuing to work diligently to get all power restored in the city as soon as possible, but do not have have a time frame of when to expect it to be working again.

Three Notch Electric says that of the 3576 members that lost power, about 80% of them have it restored as of yesterday. They hope to have the rest restored Tuesday.

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