Potential winter weather may bring hazardous driving conditions

Georgia State Patrol warns driver to exercise caution on slick roadways.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Meteorologists are predicting some cold temperatures Wednesday morning.

Georgia State Patrol warns drivers to slow down and increase distance between vehicles in winter weather.

According to Sgt. First Class John Vanlandingham, it is important to be prepared and study up on weather patterns in your area before hitting the road.

Vanlandingham says it is a good idea to give yourself some extra time traveling to different locations Wednesday morning.

According to Vanlandingham, ice could be a possibility.

"Just make sure if you have vehicles in front of you, anticipate that they may get into some sort of black ice and that they'll be breaking. Always have a plan how to react when that happens. When you have slick roads or icing on the roadways, immediately just pounding your breaks is not going to do any good," said Vanlandingham.

According to Vanlandingham, slamming on your breaks can cause you to hydroplane or slide.

He also says to be careful on bridges and overpasses because they will freeze first.

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