Possible pipeline through Colquitt County

Sabal Trail Transmission had their second meeting with Colquitt County to inform and allow residents to ask questions about a massive pipeline proposal Thursday evening.

A 465-mile long gas pipeline from Florida to Alabama may be taking route through Colquitt County. Moultrie Technical College hosted the open forum today where residents expressed concerns about their property.

Susan Waller with the Sabal Trail Transmission says "one concern (from residents) is that it'll impact the value of the land." Which she adds isn't true, but could affect vegetation.

John Peconom of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) says he reassured residents today that he will be looking over the impact of several aspects in the area. He adds, "vegetation, river, wetlands, how close it is to the house the impact it will on the people and the environment" are just a few of many the FRCC have to look over before starting the project.

Although it can impact the people and environment, some residents are looking forward to the business it can bring with the presence of pipeline workers in their town.

If the plan is approved, the pipeline is said to be up and running by May of 2017.

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