Police call new social media app Tinder for kids, raises concerns

New social media app "Yellow" is raising concerns. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

There is a new app parents might not know about, but kids are using.

Lee County Special Victims Unit is calling the app “Yellow” Tinder for kids. It allows for kids, with no strict age verification, to befriend anyone in a forty-mile radius.

"Yellow works a lot like Tinder where you're trying to meet other people around the same age as you," Sgt. Daphne Lindsey said.

It’s a backdoor to Snapchat, meaning if both people like or swipe right on each other’s pictures, they are automatically friends on Snapchat.

According to SVU, this is dangerous because it opens a door for predators on the internet as well.

"Anything that's interesting for kids is also interesting from predators," Lindsey said. "They can say they're 13 because there is nothing stopping them behind a screen."

They encourage parents to know their kid’s passwords, look through their phones, and understand what the kids are using.

Talking to your children about it can help prevent an issue.

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