Podcast aims to shine light on 15-year-old Rebecca cold case

Sworn Podcast Host, Philip Holloway is a native to South Georgia and says that the Wideman case hits close to home. / WFXL

Fifteen years have passed since 51-year-old Tommy Joe Wideman, his wife, 48-year-old Deborah, and their pregnant daughter, 20-year-old Melissa, were found shot to death in their Rebecca home, which had been on fire.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation case information, around 3:30 a.m. on Friday, March 22, 2002, a passing truck driver observed a residential fire at the Wideman home off of Highway 112 East in Rebecca, Georgia and notified authorities.

The Turner County volunteer fire department responded first and found the home fully involved , with the roof collapsing within minutes of their arrival.

When the fire was extinguished, the bodies of the Widemans were found, badly-burned.

FOX 31 spoke with Sworn Podcast host Philip Holloway, the founder of Holloway Law Group based in Cobb County, Georgia. Holloway's resume shows that he's a former prosecutor and police officer. A native to South Georgia, the Wideman case hits close to home.

Hollway says that the whole point of this podcast miniseries is to bring attention to this case and to inspire people who may know anything, to come forward.

This week, Sworn Podcast has released a three-part miniseries about the Wideman case.

"There is somebody, or some persons out there who did this and there's somebody, or some persons who know who it was, and if the attention can flush that information out, than that's what I would call a home run," says Holloway.

Anyone with information should contact the GBI Perry office at 478-987-4545 or Turner County Sheriff’s Office at 229-567-2401. Information can also be emailed to Sworn Podcast at

There are currently two rewards offered, one from the State Fire Marshal’s Office for $10,000, and the other from the Governor’s Office.

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