Pet safety tips for Fourth of July weekend

Photo Credit: Mike Manzoni

This holiday weekend, it is important to make sure your pets are safe.

"If you're going to go to the fireworks, don't take your pets with you," said Jackie Grigg, the Lee County Animal Control officer. "It's mostly dogs, cats and fish that are afraid of the loud sounds and fireworks."

Keeping your pets away from fireworks is not only for their safety, but also for yours.

"The loud noise could hurt their ears. They're liable to run in front of the fireworks and hurt their eyes," Grigg said. "It could cause them to get aggressive, and being out of fear cause them to bite."

There are other areas where you might want to be careful, too.

"Some people like to take their dogs especially out on the beach or maybe on the boat that sort of thing. you know, be careful with pets might just decide to jump over board," said veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Daniel. "Also, with hot grills -- that can be a safety hazard for pets. Dogs and cats -- a cat might even juimp up on the grill burn their feet; we've had that happen before."

It is also a good idea to keep your pets away from alcohol because it could be fatal if the pet drinks enough, Grigg said.

Grigg recommends keeping your pets at home in the air conditioning while you enjoy Fourth of July festivities.

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