Pelham high school students take a neat spin on their senior prank

Pelham seniors wore their red noses to graduation practice on Thursday.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

On Thursday, seniors at Pelham High School created a unique twist on their senior prank.

For National Red Nose Day, the entire senior class purchased a red nose in honor of children in poverty.

During their graduation practice on Thursday, all of the seniors put on their red nose to support the cause.

They then recorded a video to post to social media in honor of their efforts.

Senior Kaitlyn Penny came up with the idea and says it was neat seeing the plan come together.

"Instead of doing that prank, we wanted to show leadership and take the initiative to help with the community and show people it's not all about the fun and jokes. We can still have some fun and be serious at the same time," said Penny.

In total, the seniors raised $135 dollars with their red noses.

According to students, the Pelham High School principal promised to double the money.

The remaining proceeds with go towards St. Judes Research Hospital.

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