Pay increases coming to Tift County Sheriff's Office

The Tift County Sheriff's Office will be awarded almost a 10% pay increase for all non-exempt sworn in officers.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

The Tift County Sheriff's Office received a great Christmas present that will go into effect January 1st.

Come 2018, Detention Officers, Sheriff's Deputies and Investigators will all receive almost a 10% pay increase.

  • Detention Officers are going from $13.47 an hour to $14.91 per hour
  • Sheriff's Deputies are going from $14.87 an hour to $16.41 per hour
  • Investigators are going from $15.62 per hour to $17.29 per hour

The Tift County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved salary increases for all non-exempt sworn officers earlier in December.

According to Sheriff Gene Scarbrough, the department was at one time over 20 people short with officers going to different counties for higher pay.

Currently, there are about 14 open positions to fill.

"These guys need to go home at night and for peanuts, it's hard to make them go out there and do what they do for that small of a wage. You know 16 dollars an hour that's fairly good money but, it's not, we've got people that qualify for food stamps and that's sad," said Scarbrough.

According to the Sheriff, it's about a million dollars a year to implement these pay raises.

Come next Spring, County Commissioners will have to discuss how to keep these funds in tact.

Sheriff Scarbrough says he has gotten a positive reaction from the community who all support the increase.

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