Partnerships aim to help MCLB avoid BRAC

    In 2005, there were concerns about the Marine Corps Logistic Base in Albany being put on the Base Realignment And Closure, or the BRAC list.

    Although the United States has not used the BRAC list since, President Donald Trump's budget did not increase military spending in 2017, leaving room for a BRAC list to be re-introduced in 2021.

    MCLB Albany has no signs of being on that list for now, however come 2021, things could change. According to some community members, a BRAC list would still be a scary thing.

    The commanding officer at MCLB, Alphonso Trimble says that the base in Albany is lacking certain things.

    "The biggest challenge I have here is resources, or are resources. And I think, you know, where I don't have resources that's where I'll really have to depend on partnerships," said Trimble.

    MCLB provides nearly 4,700 jobs to Albany. Local city officials understand that without the base, Albany would suffer financially.

    "We are trying to understand what their needs are and how we as a city and as a county and as a region can be helpful to them in doing what they need to do so that they can stay off of the list," said Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard. "But God forbid if they were ever on that list for Albany and Southwest Georgia it could be devastating."

    According to the Pentagon and Department of Defense, they estimated that having another BRAC would save about $2 billion.

    According to the mayor, it would have a bigger impact than just the town.

    "We have a number of people who come in from all over southwest Georgia who work at our base so it is really really important not only for Albany but for southwest Georgia and certainly we are doing everything that we can to be sure that they stay here," said Hubbard.

    For now, MCLB Albany is a key factor for employment in Albany. Come 2021, community members and leaders hope it stays that way.

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