Organization submits historical marker application for famous Albany home, architect

The Shackelford House in Albany could soon receive a historical marker. / Mary Green

Right off Dawson Road sits the Shackelford House, a sign of a bygone era in Albany.

But it could soon by joined by another sign, this one a Georgia historical marker.

The house was designed in the mid-20th century by Edward Vason Jones.

“He was an Albany native, descended from a long line of Albany natives, who was a nationally recognized classical architect," said Hope Campbell, a member of the Albany Town Committee of Colonial Dames, who are sponsoring the marker.

Jones' work dotted Albany, including several homes throughout the city and part of the Albany-Dougherty County Courthouse on Pine Avenue. It also stretched throughout the Southeast United States and even made its way to New York City and the White House.

Marking the significance of the Shackelford House, one of Jones' best known works, and the man behind it has been a project for the past several months by the Albany Town Committee. They recently submitted the marker application to the Georgia Historical Society and will know if their application is approved in October.

“Our purpose is to preserve, study and educate history so that it’s not lost," said Linda Moncrief of the Albany Town Committee.

When they approached the home's owners, Stewbos, they found a quick supporter.

“It’s real important for us to preserve history too, and anything that has to do with our community and history, we’re all for," Bo Henry of Stewbos said.

These days, the home is mainly rented out for special events, like weddings, fundraisers and parties.

“I think it’s great that the whole community gets to use this, maybe instead of it just being a private house, and that’s another reason that I think the historical marker would be great here," Henry said.

But this isn't the only site in Albany that could soon receive a historical marker. To find out more about the other one, click here.

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