Organization aims to give 'shoes from the heart'

    Organization aims to give 'shoes from the heart.' /Photo: Danielle Ledbetter<p>{/p}

    The H.E.A.R.T. organization is busy at work.

    "We're sorting 450 pairs of shoes that's going to be given out next Wednesday and next Friday," said Anne Johnson, president and CEO of the organization.

    The organization is donating shoes to students at Dougherty County elementary schools.

    "We allow the parents to decide if the child can receive a pair of shoes," said Johnson.

    Johnson says seeing children wearing old shoes inspired her to start this initiative.

    "We came into the school system. We noticed that there were some children who were in need of shoes because the shoes were either worn out or they were walking on the backs on their shoes and some of the children just needed shoes," she said.

    The principal of Robert Harvey Elementary School, John I. Davis III, says the project helps his students put their best foot forward

    "This partnership just means so much," he said. "Once you have students with shoes on, their self esteem goes up, class production goes up."

    Johnson adds the project helps students do things they couldn't do before.

    "They're able to participate in physical activity such as PE and cheer leading. All because they got a new pair of shoes," said Johnson.

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