Crisp County Primary earns 2nd in Georgia in online math competition

Staff members at Crisp County Primary are proud of how their students did in the Matifics Math Competition.Photo: Kailey McCarthy

Students at Crisp County Primary earned high honors while competing in an online math competition last month.

Out of over 1,200 schools and 140,000 students, Crisp County Primary ranked second in the state of Georgia and 23rd in the country.

According to Academic Math Coach Angela Smith, all 1,200 kindergarten through third grade students participated in the week long Matific Math Games Competition.

Each grade was tested on different math skills based on the Georgia Common Core and Standards of Excellence.

Smith says students enjoyed the competition so much, they often worked after school and on the weekend to earn top rankings.

"They wanted to show off what they can do every day. They wanted to show their teachers and parents and to see them thrive through this program was absolutely fascinating. They would come to me saying I'm on level 35 or I've gotten so many lessons done so, to see their excitement made us just as excited as they were," said Smith.

Crisp County Primary teachers agree.

"Every morning for morning work they would come in and say can we please get on matifics, can we please get on matifics. Each day they would call over the leader boards on the announcements and everyone wanted to hear their names so they kept working and working and working," said Kindergarten Teacher, Lindsey Smith.

Not only did the Primary school rank 23rd in the nation, some students took top honors as well.

Crisp County Primary had the top kindergartner in the nation, Jude Rhodes.

They also had the top third grader in the nation, Priya Patel and second place third grader, Arjun Katla.

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