One of Georgia's largest college tours comes to Lee Co. High School

Probe College Fair Tour comes to Lee County High School./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

It’s never too early for high schoolers to start thinking about college.

Hundreds of Lee County High School students came to the Probe College Fair Tour Thursday evening, and they left feeling a little more prepared for life after high school.

The Probe Fair is one of the largest college tours in Georgia.

Nearly 50 schools, including some of the biggest schools in Georgia, were there. Universities from Florida, Alabama and Tennessee came out to show what they had to offer too.

School Counselor Cheryl Smith said a fair like this is part of the foundation students need.

“This is the time when they need to be preparing to enter into some form of post-secondary option,” Smith said. “Whether it’s directly into the workforce, but if they are leaning towards moving into a college setting, then they need to be aware of what those college requirements are.”

According to Smith, Lee County High School will be hosting a career fair and visit more schools later this semester.

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