No such thing as lottery winners anonymous

A winning ticket being displayed at a local Georgia Lottery retailer. / Sean Streicher

In the Facebook story of the day, you wanted to know if you could remain anonymous after winning the Georgia Lottery.

Any amount over $600 dollars requires a winner to provide information, to a lottery payout center, to receive your money.

With Georgia being an open records state, it's required by law they release a winner's basic information, should it be requested by anyone.

"This includes your name, city of residence, the game that you played and the amount that you won. We withhold your personal information, such as your address, telephone number and your social security number," said the Georgia Lottery Media Relations Manager, Kimberly Starks.

Anything less than $600 can be claimed at a retailer, where you do not have to provide personal information to receive your payout.

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