Cook County hospital that caused controversy nearly complete

    A new Cook County medical center is seven months away from completion.

    Medical staff held a "half-way home" celebration on Friday in Adel to honor the progress the medical center has made.

    The Cook Medical Center broke ground last March, but not before it received backlash from county officials.

    The mayor of Adel said it was hard to convince the county to give them enough money.

    "Justifying the cost of the city and the county buying in to help fund a hospital is what the deal was and some people felt like it, we didn't need to be taking public money and putting it into a private investment," said Mayor Buddy Duke.

    But the mayor said the medical center was worth the fight

    "We were putting into an investment of our people and of our citizens of Adel so, to keep them from having to going out of town, and especially from an economic standpoint of view, we felt like it's best we do contribute and we do participate in the funding of the hospital," said Duke.

    The Cook Medical Center CEO Michael Purvis agrees, adding that the area they chose is a perfect spot.

    "Specifically for this location, it’s an access point for all patients around us, so no matter if you live in Adel or Cook County, or you live in surrounding communities and you wanna seek newer, improved health care facilities then Adel will be that central point," said Purvis.

    The mayor says 50 new jobs are being added for the new 20-bed hospital and 95-bed nursing home.

    "Around 40 to 45 million dollar investment, in the total in city and county in economic development, and industrial development is around ten million dollars, and so we just felt like that ten million is money well spent," said Duke.

    This facility will offer imaging, lab services rehab centers and a sleep center and is expected to be complete this fall.

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