New DoCo Courthouse safety rules go into effect in October

Captain Craig Dodd announces new safety policies for the Dougherty County Courhouse./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni 

Dougherty County Courthouse is updating their security policy to keep visitors and employees safe.

Captain Greg Dodd made the announcement on Thursday.

By law, the policy needs to be updated every year.

These new regulations go into effect starting October 23 of this year:

- Anything that can produce fire, including matches or lighters, aren’t allowed.

- E-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes aren’t allowed.

- Scissors, razor knifes, other sharp objects used to be held for 30 days. Now, the court won’t hold them. If the item can’t be taken back to the car, they’ll be thrown away.

- No liquids, with the exception of baby formula and liquid evidence, is allowed from visitors.

- City, county and state personnel, who work in the building, are exempt from liquids and firearms. Those personnel to show proper ID.

- If employee is coming in, they can be randomly selected for a search.

- Any item being brought inside must be scanned.

- All forms of video and audio recording are prohibited. If someone is caught, the item can be taken, the person can be escorted out of the courtroom, or he or she can charged.

- Vehicles left in the courthouse parking can be towed away if the courthouse can't find the driver within a reasonable amount of time.

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