New dangerous challenge takes over social media, experts warn against

New dangerous challenge sweeps social media and experts warn against it./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

We've seen dangerous social media challenges in the past like the Cinnamon Challenge or Fire Challenge. Now, people are eating laundry detergent pods, and they’re posting the challenge on social media.

You might not have heard about the Tide Pod Challenge, but your kids probably have.

“I can't believe it,” Keisha Cory, mother, said. “It's something new that I’ve never even heard of, but that's what our kids are doing. They keep coming up with new things to try and experiment.”

The warning labels on the packages aren't for fun. More than 10,000 cases involving laundry detergent were reported to Poison Control Centers in 2017 alone.

“You can ingest it, and it has caused people to cough, gag, cause seizures and actually cause a couple of deaths,” Dr. James Edward Black, Phoebe Putney Emergency Center, said.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers says 40 cases have been reported since the year started. That’s only 18 days.

"This is an intentional act, and they need to be warned of the dangers,” Dr. Black said.

Experts are asking parents to talk to their kids to make sure Tide Pods are kept for laundry only.

“[It’s a] 30 second conversation with your children to say ‘this is not something that's harmless. It's potentially dangerous and fatal’,” Dr. Black said.

As for Keisha, still shocked by this new act, she plans on making sure her kids aren't the next ones you see on social media posting this challenge.

“I will definitely go home and warn my kids that they better not be entering themselves into any challenges,” she said.

YouTube is working to take down videos that people are posting if the video is flagged.

If you come across a Tide Pod Challenge video, you're asked to flag it so YouTube can be notified and take it down.

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