New businesses to Albany mean improvements for residents


In the past year, over one thousand businesses have come to Albany and Dougherty County.

However, it’s important to note that some of those businesses have either relocated or didn’t survive.

Newk’s Eatery opened its doors on Monday.

This Friday, the Pretoria Fields Brewery will be opening.

The president and CEO of the Albany Chamber of Commerce, Bárbara Rivera Holmes, says, “We’ve seen growth in our small businesses and in other industries as well”

The companies in the area are boosting the economy in a few ways, according to the Chamber of Commerce.

Holmes said small businesses, "play a role in growing our tax base but they also play a role in creating a viable economic environment and improved quality of life."

Growing tax base means expanding economic activity within a community.

Holmes also stated, "Those revenues that are generated through sales taxes or through the hotel/motel taxes or through property taxes certainly support local government as well as state and federal government.”

These new organizations are generating more revenue for the local government. The local government decides what’s done with that money.

Monique Broughton-Knight with Albany Utilities said, "When you have new businesses of course it contributes to your tax base, and those taxes collected go into our general fund."

The general fund then goes to the fire department and police department. Broughton-Knight says these funds allow improved fire and police services to residents.

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