New app helps parents teach kids about driving

AutoCoach is a free app that helps parents teach their kids about driving before they get their licenses./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Parents who need help teaching their kids to drive can do that right from their phones.

We’re not talking about going to Google for help, but instead, using the new app AutoCoach.

The app was created by Shepherd Center, and was funded by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

AutoCoach is a free app that gives parents 10 lessons they can use to teach their kids how to drive before getting their licenses.

It covers safety basics including checking tire pressures, and has more complex topics like defensive driving.

According to Shepherd Center, this can help teens become better drivers to ultimately help avoid a car crash.

“Your children are the most important things in the entire world to you, and keeping them safe is the number one priority,” Injury Prevention Director Emma Harrington said. “So, we feel that not imparting the correct skillset for these kids before they get on the road is putting them at more of a risk than they are already at. Teenagers are the most vulnerable population when it comes to crashes.”

You can get the app for free in the Apple app store or Google play.

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