Net neutrality local reaction

Currently, 17 states are suing the F.C.C.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

A hot topic in the national media right now is net neutrality and what it means for internet users at home.

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to end net neutrality.

This has left many consumers wondering what it means for them.

Net neutrality is the regulation that ensured internet websites and services were treated equally by internet service providers.

Without net neutrality, content providers like Facebook and Twitter may be forced to pay higher fees to internet service providers.

Albany residents Briana Jackson and Yahri Robinson are not happy with these changes.

“I feel like people should be free to do what they want because they are paying for their own internet service, it’s not like it’s government funded or anything so it’s kind of hypocritical to say oh you can’t do this but you can do this. If I'm touching on the freedom of speech, how can you tell someone they have freedom of speech but you’re trying to control what they’re doing on their internet," said Robinson.

Right now, 17 states are currently suing the F.C.C.

The state of California is talking about creating their own net neutrality rules at this time.

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