Moultrie woman warns against drunk driving after near-fatal accident

Moultrie woman warns against drunk driving after near-fatal accident. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

For Lalonnie Driggers, it was another New Year's Eve.

It was to be a night full of good food and drinks, but she didn't make it home.

On her way home, her vehicle flipped and she wasn't wearing her seat belt. Now she is paralyzed from the shoulders down and has machines that help her breathe.

"And all this resulted from us drinking and driving. If we would've just called Warner Recovery to come pick us up to bring us home I wouldn't be in this wheel chair today," said Driggers.

She says if she can just save one life by sharing her story, then that's a blessing.

"I don't want you all to end up like me in this wheelchair or dead. Don't try to be brave and sober enough to make it home. It's not worth it."

She's come a long way since the accident. "I can move my stomach muscles, i can move my shoulders back and fourth,"she says.

Lalonnie knows there are brighter days ahead.

"I'm a miracle. A lot of people didn't think i was going to make it. A year later i'm still going strong."

She adds,"Yes, I'm in this wheelchair but I smile everyday because I've made it this far."

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