Moultrie cops ditch cars, connect with the community on foot

Moultrie cops ditch cars and connects with the community on foot./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

The Moultrie Police Department walked the streets in town to help bridge the gap between officers and the community.

It's safe to say people in Moultrie weren't expecting a group of cops to be walking up and down their neighborhoods Thursday evening, but the officers were welcomed by everyone they met.

The department did a crime prevention walk to hear what the community had to say.

Chief Sean Ladson said the community didn't have any complaints or issues.

This ended up being a time for officers and people in the community to get to know each other.

"To have a police department do the best they can to serve their community, we have to have a relationship with the community,” he said. “We can't do our job unless the community helps us do our job."

This is the first phase in the crime prevention process.

They'll be going out every other Thursday to talk to people, and the first phase will end in october.

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