Mission MCLB: 50-year Military Health Employee

Frances Quinn talks to a Marine about his healthcare options. / Romney Smith

Some employees at the Marine Corps Logistics Base work for a few years and then move on to other jobs, while others create a career. Frances Quinn loves military health so much, that she's worked in the field for 50 years and has no plans on retiring any time soon.

Frances Quinn started her career as a telephone operator at a military hospital, and now she guides dependants and their sponsors through the various TRICARE programs at the MCLB's Naval Branch Health Clinic as a health benefits advisor. Quinn says even after 50 years, she loves coming to work every day. "I get my motivation from the gratitude that these people give back to me when I'm able to take care of something that is wrong with their claim or something is not right" says Quinn.

Quinn says she stumbled into the career by chance and fell in love with it because she's a people person who likes to help others. People enrolled in TRICARE programs often request to work with Quinn because of her special way of handling each person. She says it's because she has a personal connection to the patients. "I am a beneficiary and that's why I'm able to connect with these people because I'm one of them. I know what they're experiencing and if I went in to see someone with a problem, I'd want them to take as much time and concern about my problem as I do with their problems" says Quinn.

Quinn jokes about why she has no plans to slow down any time soon. "I might die if I slow down! I don't want to slow down" she says with a laugh. She plans on keeping her personal motto of "I go the extra mile with a smile because that's my style" that's given her decades of success and fulfillment.

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