Marine Corps Logistics Command sees new sergeant major

Marine Corps Logistics Command Marines render a salute during the national anthem at the relief and appointment ceremony held in front of Building 3700, LOGCOM Headquarters, aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, March 16. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

A new sergeant major will be taking over at the Marine Corps Logistics Command (LOGCOM).

Now former Sergeant Major Stephanie K. Murphy is retiring after being the sergeant major for three years at LOGCOM.

She passed the role to Sergeant Major Michael J. Rowan on Friday at the Relief and Appointment Ceremony.

Rowan hopes to get out in the community and build relationships with the marines.

"I’m really looking forward to really getting out and meeting the civilian marines that work here,” he said. “Then see what the marines and sailors do each day to get that gear refitted then back out to the fleet."

Murphy says she plans on finding another job in the future, but for the next year, she wants to rest.

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