MCLB remembers 9/11

The American flag at the ceremony. / Allen Carter

It was ten years ago Sunday that terrorists attacked the United States. It's a day that holds special meaning for the men and women in uniform. September 11 2001 is a day that's difficult to forget.

"We got a call from my wife's aunt saying that we were being attacked. Of course I didn't believe it because you just don't fathom that America is being attacked," said Col. Terry Williams of MCLB Albany.

"I was in high school and our teacher stopped us and told us what about what had happened. It was just in time to see the second plane hit the second tower," said Cpl. Joanna Sudduth.

And as deadly and tragic as those events were, remembering is probably a good thing.

"We need to honor them, because many of those folks, firefighters, police officers, and regular civilians off the street gave their lives trying to save others during this time," said Col. Williams.

So two days before the tenth anniversary of the attacks Albany's Marine Corps Logistics Base honored those victims.

"Even if you haven't lost your life, there is a lot of sacrifices going on over the last ten years, to keep this nation safe, so it is so important that we remember this day," said Williams.

For many of these marines, 9/11 wasn't just a defining moment in American history. It was also a turning point.

"It's a shame that it happened, it should have never happened, however now that it has I think we responded in the correct way," said Cpl. Sudduth "It was intended to weaken us, but I think it made us a lot stronger as a nation."

"They used to say that we don't have the will to sustain a fight, well we've been doing this for ten years so there is no doubt that we are stronger," said Col Williams.

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