MCLB Albany partners with community members to increase efficiency among groups

Representatives from MCLB Albany, Albany Police Department, Dougherty County Police and Marine Corps Police sign agreements to join the base's partnership program Thursday at Albany Tech. / Mary Green

Through programs like Toys for Tots, MCLB Albany has developed strong bonds with the community over the years, and Thursday, they worked to make them even stronger.

The base signed agreements to begin its partnership program with 17 community members. Those span from APD and Dougherty County Police to help with SWAT teams, to recreational groups like the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA.

They’ve also partnered with Albany Tech to connect students with internships on the base.

“Many of these agreements really have already been in place with the community here within Dougherty County and Albany, if you will. But this program, as funded through headquarters marine corps, is going to formalize many of the agreements that are already in place and put them on the shelf, that they will live out into perpetuity,” said Col. James Carroll III, MCLB Albany’s commanding officer.

Col. Carroll added that these relationships will help the groups involved save time and money.

“As budgets shrink across municipalities, across federal governments, we need to look for ways that we can save money, work closer together in many case where there are redundancies and we’re all doing the same thing, so where we can collaborate, it makes sense,” Col. Carroll said.

Col. Carroll said they hope to finalize all agreements with groups in Dougherty, Lee and Worth Counties by December.

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