Mayor calls on coalition to fight crime in Albany

City leaders will be forming a new coalition to help combat crime in the city. / Photo: Kailey McCarthy

City leaders will be forming a new coalition to help combat crime in the city.

The group will gather facts and data to recommend policies and best practices about how the city can prevent, address and respond to violence. Within 60 days, the group is expected to bring a strategy and action plan to the city commission.

While a full list of the membership was not available at press time, some of those involved will include:

  • Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard
  • Albany Police Chief Michael Persley along with colleagues from APD
  • City Manager Sharon Subadan
  • City Attorney Nathan Davis
  • Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards

“Listen to me when I tell you that 19 people have lost their lives in our city this year to senseless and inexplicable violence. On a lesser scale, but still very important, are the statistics showing increases in automobile thefts and burglaries. I’m declaring to you today…that we…together…must take back our community from domestic violence, gun violence and drugs. I’m drawing a line in the sand...and I’m asking all law-abiding citizens in our city to join us in being more vigilant and tougher on those who commit crimes in our city. Every business and every resident should support our efforts to do all we can to ensure citizen safety. As your Mayor...I say it is time to fight crime harder, smarter and most importantly...together. I’m asking every citizen to accept this call to action,” stated Mayor Hubbard during the conference.

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