Marines mentor youth in Albany

Marines mentor youth in Albany. / Matt Prichard

Looking up to someone as a kid isn't very difficult, heck everyone seems larger than life. But in the coming months, students at International Studies Elementary School will have the opportunity to be mentored by the United States Marines.

"We serve as U.S. ambassadors across the world, so I think it's very appropriate to have a Marine develop a relationship with future ambassadors if you will," said Col. Donald Davis.

"To provide a sort of role model for these children, who sometimes they don't have that I think that's the majority of it, and just being able to give back to the community that's very big for us," said Staff Sergeant Juana DeLosSantos.

And creating that bond is something Davis says is just a small way to achieve bigger goals.

"If we can play a little role in mentoring these young boys and girls, as the principal said we're just one mentor away from success," said Davis.

And Delossantos says that bond begins with simple, helpful interaction.

" To get to know them on a personal level, let me help you with your homework, how are you doing today, how's everything at home, I think that's so helpful," said DeLosSantos.

Each class was assigned a Marine and will be learning and growing with that Marine in the coming months.

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