Man in stable condition after being hit by train in Cordele

The vehicle remains after getting struck by the train. / Cordele Police Department

Around 9:40 AM Wednesday morning, Corporal Kris Herrick with Cordele Police Department was participating in Operation Lifesaver with Norfolk Southern train company alerting motorists about train track safety when four blocks away, J.L. Williams and his vehicle was struck by a Norfolk Southern train in the 100 block of East 22nd Avenue.

Corp. Herrick says the impact sent the Williams and his vehicle into the air where they landed separately as he was ejected from his vehicle.

Emergency personnel responded quickly to the scene and transported the man to Crisp Regional Hospital. The man is currently listed in stable condition at the hospital.

Sherrie Watson, who just moved into her house near the tracks on Saturday, says she saw the "Advanced Disposal" vehicle pass by and heard the train horn going off when she heard a loud boom. She ran to her door where she saw the car crumbled up and says she can't understand how it happened.

Other than the lights, there are no arms at that train track location which Corporal Herrick says they may look into installing after the accident.

Cordele Police Department is still investigating the accident and clearing the roadway, but did determine that the train operator performed all required safety precautions.

Herrick does not know if the man attempted to out run the train or didn't hear the horn, but could face failure to yield charges.

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