Man arrested in Dawson Drug Bust

Photo Credit: Dawson Police

Officers with the City of Dawson Narcotics Unit say they received a call from an informant Monday that led to a sizeable bust.

Police were told a man driving a black Impala in the area of 12th Avenue and Center Street in Dawson, was possibly selling drugs. Officers say they tried to stop the suspect vehicle driven by 25-year-old Cordelro Asberry but he refused, causing them to block him in. Asberry then tried to flee, resisting arrest and emptying his pockets of the suspected drugs.

Investigators say Asberry continued to resist and tried to consume the narcotics, resulting in them using a taser. In total, police say they recovered 34 pills of ecstasy, crystal meth, a small amount of powdered cocaine and a bag of marijuana. 25-year-old Asberry has been charged with possession with intent to sell cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamines and possession of a controlled substance within 1000 feet of a housing project, all which are felony charges. Asberry is also facing two counts of obstruction of justice and was transported to the Terrell County jail.

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