Man arrested after taking mail from postal worker

Henley has been charged with one count of entering auto. / Photo: MGN Online

An man has been arrested by Albany police after they say he took mail from a postman on Thursday.

According to the police report, officers responded to a call on Cardinal Street about mail being taken from a mail truck.

While en route, they saw 19-year-old Antwon Henley, who was carrying a box labeled US Mail.

Officers stopped Henley and Henley told officers that he took the box of mail.

Another officer made contact with the postal worker delivering mail and he said that Henley was waiting by a mailbox as he was making deliveries and wanted to know if he had any mail for him. The victim told him no and said that Henley became irate and acted like he wanted to fight. He asked Henley to go away but that Henley kept getting closer. The victim told officers that he ran to find something to defend himself with, but when he returned, saw Henley walking away with a box of mail.

Henley has been charged with one count of entering auto.

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