Magnolia Elementary School to be renovated for Pre-K programs

Magnolia Elementary School to be renovated for Pre-K programs./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Construction is underway to bring back Magnolia Elementary School after being closed for years, but for a new purpose.

A few years ago, the Dougherty County School System decided to closed Magnolia Elementary School because it was more than 50 percent under capacity. With low enrollment numbers, the cost to maintain the building wasn't met forcing the school to be closed.

Now, the school is making its comeback. On Monday night, the school board approved to renovate the school, and construction started on Tuesday.

The $5 million project will include renovating bathrooms, hallways, AC and heating units, upgrading classroom technology and more.

The school will be called Magnolia Early Childhood Education Center, and will mostly be for Pre-K programs.

The kids from Slyvandale Academy will move over to the new school. The decision on what to do with the outdated Sylvandale building is unknown.

"We hope to have everything completed, all of the renovations done by the start of the school year so our Pre-K classes can start the school year in the building,” DCSS Spokesperson J.D. Sumner said. “Pre-K registration is now open."

Visit the Dougherty County School System’s website to register your child. Sumner said don't wait because it's a first come first served with limited slots.

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