Local veteran remembers D-day on the 68th anniversary

Sam Spivey earned numerous honors while serving. / Sean Streicher

At the age of 16, Sam Spivey saw no other option in his life then to join the Army. He was assigned to the Armies first division, which came to be known as one of the most skilled and feared divisions of World War II.

In August of 1942 Spivey was deployed to fight in World War II. Two years after that, he took part in one of the world most famous amphibious assaults, which came to be known as D-Day.

His mission was to secure a small town inside France, he was successful, and earned a silver medal for his efforts. A few months later Spivey earned a purple heart, when he was shot while engaging in combat. During that fight Spivey lost two close friends.

Spivey credits his survival to the training the Army supplied and his ability to react without thinking, " you don't have time to think sometimes, you react to a situation, that's the way it is. You can get killed thinking about what your gonna do."

Spivey spent 22 years in the Army, After spending a short time with this man it becomes clear he is a true American hero.

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