Local Tifton man featured in Men's Health Magazine

Serrata has been working out for the past five years now, losing 184 pounds. Photo: Kailey McCarthy

One local Tifton man is being recognized by a well-known magazine.

Damien Serrata has spent the past five years working out, going from a whopping 400 pounds down to 220.

FOX 31 sat down with Serrata to find out what kept him motivated during his weight loss journey.

“You can have a bad day, walk into these doors and leave everything here and walk out a new person," said Serrata.

Serrata has walked into the doors of Southern Bodies Family Fitness before sunrise for the past five years now.

In 2012, he remembers stepping foot inside for the very first time, making his way to the closest treadmill in sight.

“Running on the treadmill is pretty hard. You’ve got to be able to have the stamina first of all and then you have to have the mental mindset to stay stationary and run for a long period of time," said Serrata.

Serrata juggles work, family and fitness by coming into the gym at the crack of dawn every day.

“Even to this day, if I have to be at work at 6 a.m., I’m in here at 3:30, I do what I have to do and then go to work. It’s a part of life, it’s an addiction," said Serrata.

An addiction that he credits to a well-known fitness magazine.

Back in 2012, Serrata picked up a Men's Health Magazine for the very first time and became hooked.

He used the magazine's workout plans to lose over 184 pounds.

“People think I’m crazy. They’ll tell you your crazy now but then later on in life, they’ll ask how did you do it and then they come to you for tips," said Serrata.

This month, Serrata has been featured in the magazine for his weight loss journey, a prized article that he hopes to show his 3-year-old daughter one day.

Serrata says he hopes his weight loss journey inspires her.

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