Local teen's distracted driving message to be heard across the country

Local teen's distracted driving message to be heard across the country./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

A Lee County High School sophomore is a part of a national youth group that encourages young people to be an advocate for traffic safety and other safety issues with young people.

Using the knowledge she has, 15-year-old Rhiannon Belcher wrote a distracted driving PSA, and entered into the Safe Drive Atlanta contest. She won.

“I went in thinking I wasn't actually going to win,” Rhiannon said. “Then I did, and I got the phone call."

Rhiannon was chosen because her script titled 'Split Second Regrets' had a powerful message that kids need to hear.

"They wanted me to get emotion into my writing to show how important it is for kids to not be on their phones because that's the number one thing that we do,” Belcher said.

Now, she's bringing that script to life with the help of a video production company from New York.

“We're going to be filming some of it [on Wednesday] and some of it [on Thursday],” Marilou Yacoub said.

According to Yacoub, it’s important to communicate this message to young drivers all over.

“They found that communicating it peer to peer, or young people, to young people is the best way to do it,” Yacoub said.

By making this PSA, Rhiannon believes she can save a life.

“I hope they'll put their phones down,” she said. “You're not going to reach everybody, but if you can reach that one person that you know might be on their phone, that's a lot of difference to me."

The PSA will first air at the Atlanta Auto Show next week. Then, it'll air on Teen Kids News for more than 150 TV stations across the country.

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