Local school gets $2,500 grant for budgeting challenge

Students at Westwood School won a grant from H&R Block for being budget-friendly. / Katie Thurber

One local school got a big reward for being budget-friendly.

The computer class at Westwood School in Camilla got a $2,500 grant from H&R Block for making successful budgets.

The students participated in H&R Block's Budget Challenge, a national program to help teens learn about money, and got in the top five schools in the country.

Their teacher says they will get even more practice budgeting--this time with the grant money.

"They'll be coming up with the budget and proposing what they think we should do in the budget breakdown in January and we'll start in on what gets approved," said Vicki Davis, the students' computer teacher.

H&R Block representatives say more than 2,000 other schools participated in the program.

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