Local preteen raises money for animal shelter, spreads message of love

So far, Kylei raised more than $300 to give to Tift County Animal Shelter./ Photo: Ms. Cutts,

Twelve-year-old Kylei Cutts has always had a soft spot for animals that need a home.

“We rescued our dog from the animal shelter when I was four, and I felt so bad for all the other animals that I didn’t get,” Kylei said.

After she adopted Kaitlyn when she was eight years old, her dog got sick.

“She stayed at the vet for a couple days, and it just made me think,” Kylei said. “Well, these animals stay at the shelter for years. Then, it made me very sad, so I said I want to do something.”

Now, she’s raising money to give to homeless animals. She created “choose kindness and God loves you” bracelets and is passing out business cards in hopes of getting donations in return.

Kylie’s already raised more than $300 dollars for the Tift County Animal Shelter. That money is being put to be put to good use.

“By having new beds, new blankets and maybe treats more often,” Kylei said.

She wants the message of love to spread.

“It was very important to me that the dogs felt love, and felt the passion coming from those workers that really love them and care for them every day,” Kylei said.

Anyone can donate and get a bracelet by emailing kyleicutts@gmail.com or by sending a message on Facebook to Choose Kindness Everyday.

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