Local high school students prepare for their future

    Local high school students prepare for their future. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

    Students at a local high school are preparing for their future.

    Dougherty High School juniors and seniors had the chance to learn about various colleges and career fields.

    More than 20 companies were present at the event, including FOX 31.

    The college and career fair also included a panel discussion that featured Dougherty High students and alumni.

    Ms. Dougherty High, Jon'nai Ingram, and the homecoming king, Javon Jones, were the face of the event and helped moderate the panel. The pair shares why they felt it was so important students helped throw the event.

    "It let's students know that it's student-oriented," said Jones. "You don't just want to hear from an adult perspective, you want to hear from a student's perspective so that you feel connected and you can relate to it."

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