Local group helps those impacted by Jan. storms

Ken Bevel with Albany Relief and Recovery. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Albany Relief and Recovery are working to help those still in need.

Coming up on the year anniversary of the January storms, some people still need help.

In the past ten months since the storms, Albany Relief and Recovery has completed and closed 900 cases of people who need help.

Currently, the group is actively working on 89 cases. But there['s still work to be done.

Ken Bevel with he group said," We still need help in the City of Albany with people coming to help to volunteer their time. Also, we're still having people that are popping up and still needing different types of help."

To get involved with the organization or if you know someone that needs help you can call 229-854-0698 or email at albanyreliefrecovery@gmail.com.

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