Local fundraiser to benefit 2017 storm victims this weekend

The Fallen Tree Festival will be held Saturday from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. outside Sunniland Roofing. Photo: Kailey McCarthy

If your still looking for last minute plans this weekend, one local group is holding a fundraiser for victims of the January 2017 storms.

On Saturday, Sunniland Roofing and the Fuller Center for Housing will host the second annual Fallen Tree Festival.

According to Sunniland Manager Jason Cobb, all proceeds raised from the event will go towards helping storm victims who still need repairs done to their homes.

On Saturday from 4 to 10 p.m., live bands will be playing along with refreshments and food trucks.

Cobb says he remembers the storms like they happened yesterday and there are still people out there that need help.

"The people that were affected were dramatically affected. It wasn't like just a few shingles off a roof, it was like homes were leveled and trees were down, I mean everybody remembers. It's not anything I'd ever seen before first hand like that," said Cobb.

Last year, the Fallen Tree Festival generated over $5,000 dollars which helped with six different projects.

This year, Sunniland Roofing and the Fuller Center for Housing is hoping to raise even more.

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