Local Dougherty County leaders work together to take on winter storm

Local students enjoyed their snow day while Dougherty County city leaders worked hard to keep the community safe.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

With the snow accumulation in Dougherty County Wednesday morning, EMA Director Jenna Wirtz spent the remainder of the day keeping residents safe and informed.

According to Wirtz, emergency crews started putting plans in to place Tuesday morning in preparation for the snow.

Wirtz says most places in Dougherty County saw a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of snow accumulation with most melting by Wednesday afternoon.

With all things considered, Wirtz says she got little to no emergency calls in regards to Wednesday's weather.

According to Wirtz, now is a good time to think to the future and get an emergency kit ready for you and your family.

"You know once this storm has finished passing and you go about your life as normal, make sure that you have your emergency kits put together, make sure you have your weather radio, check all of those things. We are very fortunate that this storm was exactly what it was predicted to be and for most people, it means that they got a snow day. Use this time to kind of think about what you would do if the storm turned out differently," said Wirtz.

According to Wirtz, temperatures stayed at or just above freezing through out the entirety of the day Wednesday.

She says along with the wind chill, this melted snow could refreeze as ice which could make for dangerous conditions Wednesday night and in to early Thursday morning.

Crews from Dougherty County Public Works have been sanding busy roadways since early Wednesday morning.

According to Assistant Public Works Director Chucky Mathis, crews originally came in at midnight Tuesday and later were told to come back at 6 a.m. Wednesday.

From there, crews began sanding the bridges and unincorporated areas of Dougherty County.

Crews worked early Wednesday into the afternoon, placing sand from Dawson Road all the way to radium Springs.

Once roadways were sanded, Public Works crews kept their eye on bridges and overpasses.

Mathis says everything went like clock work and he is proud of how crews responded to the weather.

Local students made the most of their snow day Wednesday by teaming up with friends and enjoying the white, fluffy snow while it lasted.

Local Albany students Erica, Joleigh and Dallin said it was an experience like no other waking up to all the white snow on the ground.

Eleven-year-old Joleigh Whitehead said she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw all of the snow.

"When we woke up this morning, I thought it was going to be just a bunch of ice like it normally is on the ground. But, later on in the day it started turning white and I said hey, this is snow, this is not a joke. When I was little it did snow but when your little you really don't know, you can't do anything really. Me and my sister built a snow chicken instead of a snow man and had fun at the house," said Whitehead.

The group of friends enjoyed playing on their trampoline, making a snowman and eating the snow.

The three say they are looking forward to the next time they can see snow in Southwest Georgia.

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