Local citrus farm unharmed by Hurricane Irma

Citrus crops at Mitco Grow suffered no damage after Irma. / Photo: Kailey McCarthy

The MitCo Grow Campaign in Mitchell County allows the Mitchell County Correctional Institution inmates to learn how to care after a citrus farm.

On Monday, FOX 31 spoke with Lindy Savelle, President of the Georgia Citrus Association to find out how citrus faired after Tropical Storm Irma hit our area a week ago.

According to Savelle, the farm saw no damage after Monday's storm.

Savelle told FOX 31 that citrus is very resilient and can withstand many weather conditions.

According to Savelle, because the citrus trees are so small at the farm, winds and rain did not affect them at all.

Savelle is very thankful the citrus crops did not see any significant damage.

“I’m relieved but more confident. You know when you start something new, and you’ve got lots to learn, you’re not sure what damage you might actually have. So when you come to this site and see that these little trees survived, you know it just gives us a great sense of confidence even more that citrus can grow in this area.”

In the future, the county plans to feed the inmates citrus that they grow and possibly sell what is left over.

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